Bike Show

The motorcycle show will be held on Sunday September 9th

Registration will be from 10am – Noon on Sunday. All bikes must enter the event from S. Saginaw Street passing a the entrance booth at 3rd Street. Judging will be from 1pm – 3pm and awards will be handed out at 4pm sharp!

Past Winners


Awards in 11 Categories:

  1. Best of Show

  2. Best Builders

  3. Best Touring

  4. Best Restored Antique

  5. Best Antique (1990 and older)

  6. Best Sport Bike

  7. Best Rat

  8. Best Stock Custom

  9. Best Manufactured Custom

  10. Best Euro

  11. Best Mini Bike

  12. Trike


Best in show, Builders, Restored Antique, Antique, Rat, Trike, Stock Custom, Manufactured Custom & Euro:

$100 & Trophy

Best Touring, Sport, Stock Custom, Mini Bikes:

First – $100 & Trophy

Second – $50 & Trophy

Third – Trophy

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